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Where experience and value merge. We create customized permanent teeth supported by dental using an innovative and efficient approach. So if you are wearing dentures or if you are faced with losing your teeth, come experience the difference at Smart Arches Florida today.

How Are Smart Arches Made?

Smart Arches uses the latest technology and advanced techniques to create a customized smile that is esthetic, functional, and hygienic. Smart Arches are made to feel more natural by reducing excessive bulk ( commonly seen in regular zirconia full arch bridges) while maintaining durability. The reduced bulk leads to a more esthetic and comfortable restoration.

Smart Arches are made of a lightweight, yet ultra strong titanium core with a zirconia shell on the outside. We use an intermediary layer that helps absorb shock and reduce sound that commonly affects patients with regular monolithic zirconia restorations. 

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are inserted and heal into the bone. Implants can support individual teeth or a bridge/segment of teeth.

Smart Arches is a type of All-on-4 treatment that uses 4-6 implants and permanent zirconia teeth on top. We refer to a full set of teeth as an arch. Typically, we will place 2 implants toward the front of the arch and 2 angled implants in the back of each arch.  We place teeth on the implants on the same day of surgery to act as a splint for the healing implants. The angled back implants improve the distribution and strength of the foundation so we provide the required support necessary for a full arch of teeth.

Patients who face the prospect of losing their teeth due to gum disease, cavities, injury, or other oral health issues are ideal candidates for Smart Arches. Unlike removable dentures, full-mouth implants provide a permanent, stable solution that looks and feels more like natural teeth.

The Smart Arches Process

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